accounting 101, accounting recap, basics, as well as finest …

accounting 101, accoun ting recap, basics, as well as finest methods show on your own solution, advertising and marketing, funding, and also accountancy concepts and also fundamentals in this program, we check out the accountancy formula, the 3 major financial statements, just how to make use of bookkeeping important to aid selection production, and also exactly how incomes tax obligations figure right into solution and also private options. this video clip tutorial, on the internet program, and also on the internet course contains: what is bookkeeping? managing annual report and also revenues affirmations, determining the costs of things, executing a break-even evaluation, recognizing marginal as well as common tax obligation prices, and also understanding tax obligation decreases and also credit scores. SIGHT THESE NEXT starting a little business activity by activity fundamentals straight| MBA FULL TRACK|accountancy, funding, advertising, and also administration on the internet course for MBA students|

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  1. Ive been struggling lately to figure out what i want to do career wise (i know life wise all i really want is to have a nice garden); i got a bachelors in global affairs and im pursuing a master’s in philosophy, but im thinking of dropping out because ive realized that i really hate research papers. Ive been thinking about getting a 2 year degree in accounting with the local community college because maybe ill actually be able to find a job that way, and this video is helping me feel more confident about going in that direction

  2. This is explained well but after 40 mins I got so bored that I had a beer and spun around so much I felt sick and I’m not joking thats the truth. I think I should go back to the drawing board for careers. lol.

  3. I was inspired by “rich dad poor dad” and find this awesome teaching. It is a good jump start. Thanks

  4. Do you have any tips for someone who is self teaching with no degree?

    1. Try to take mini courses and professional certificates! just like CPA.

  5. understanding is best measured by ability to distribute truthful knowledge consicely.

  6. accounting 101 course main timestamps

    intro 00:00
    accounting definition / overview 00:08
    bookkeeping overview 04:03
    financial accounting definition 9:53
    managerial accounting definition 14:06
    income tax accounting definition 22:12
    balance sheet overview 36:19
    income statement overview 51:00
    statement of cash flow overview 55:36
    financial reporting summary 58:37
    understanding managerial accounting 1:01:04
    break-even analysis 1:21:11
    budgeting overview 1:22:27
    understanding income taxes 1:24:04
    tax deductions and credits 1:33:02
    capital gains vs ordinary income 1:37:35
    income tax summary 1:42:23

  7. This is just pure savage of information flowing in my freaking small brain down to every single brain cell I have thank you for this video I will come back to this comment section if I became rich 🤑

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