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  1. Time stamps:
    00:53 Claudio’s Beach Business
    02:13 Income Statement (which is Revenue – Expenses)
    03:31 Balance Sheet
    06:21 Claudio’s Balance Sheets at different points in time

    1. Hey Dear Leila Gharani! You can explain much better than anyone else. I suggest you to make more videos on accounting and finance using Excel and SAP, especially SAP.

  2. Super helpful. Thank you so much! I’m currently in Financial Accounting and I’m struggling to be completely confident about my skills. I’m looking forward to watch further more of your videos! 🫶🏼

    1. Are you talking about your vocational skills or just the finance-accounting modular material itself?

  3. You are rocking Leila Gharani. Easy way to learn your wonderful videos and presentation. Thanks a lot.:)

  4. Really enjoyed and have more benefits very simple way in this introduction i would be happy if you share more valuable videos in accountancy… I’m really interested

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