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Fifty percent 1 of 6 – Discover methods to produce an accounting spread sheet making use of Microsoft stand out. On this video clip I’ll show exactly how you can produce an accounting layout using Microsoft succeed. Required help with Sage or various accountancy software application? Drop us an e-mail at [email protected] Take our On-line Sage mentoring program Accounting Tutorial/Coaching Be showed additional at

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  1. Hi Thanks that a big help understanding excel, do you have any information about how to incorporate vat into this as well – Jason

    1. You can simply add a VAT column in the assets and liabilities side of the spreadsheet. If the business is VAT registered though, you may wish to consider accounting software. I hope this helps.

  2. I can’t work out from watching how you repeat the pattern of 2 merged cells.

    1. I am working on a new series, which will clear this up for you. The series will be uploaded shortly. Thanks for watching.

    1. Yes, please make a small donation on my website and send me an email. Thanks for watching.

  3. Is it absolutely necessary to make all the entry cells, double cells (2 cells merged into one)? Or will I be fine just making them each 1 cell?

    Cheers from Canada!

  4. Just so you know we are using this set up for the Brighton Community Workshop Project accounts. I like the videos mainly for the way you talk. I know enough about Excel to make our spreadsheets work best for us but this set up got us heading down the right path so thank you. Maybe you should update these videos, nearly 10 years old now.

    1. It’s on my list. Hopefully early 2022. Thanks for the suggestion and for watching.

    1. A product that is purchased for resale. Such as a clothes shop that purchases clothes to sell in the shop. I hope this helps. Thanks for watching.

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