How to Start Virtual Bookkeeping without any Experience


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22 thoughts on “How to Start Virtual Bookkeeping without any Experience

  1. I don’t see the link, Can I get your email as well. I am almost finished with Accounting through Tech, I offered to help a friend with his books, then an idea popped in why couldn’t I get paid for this, just need to get the clients, and I should use my certification.

  2. Hi, thank your for sharing this. Where could I get a quickbook certification?

  3. Can you add the link for where can I take the courses online please? I want to be a bookkeeper

    1. Oh I see those are your webinars. I want to get certified. I believe you mentioned that we could do that through IABP. I was trying to get info online. I live in California so I wasn’t sure.

    1. They don’t list a cost on their website, I believe you’ll need to contact them ❤️Cici

    2. Thanks,I found it on their website however that course it’s only for existing Bookkeepers that want to get certified with them and I’m not a bookkeeper.

    3. If you don’t have prior experience and your looking for training, shoot me an email and maybe I can point you in the right direction 😄👍🏽 [email protected]

  4. Thanku so much!!! just completed my studies was very confused about how can I practice or get practical knowledge regarding bookeeping but am sure that your advice will surely going to help me leading my future goals.

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