Find out the Fundamentals of Accounting [FREE QuickBooks Training]


Accounting Essential plus Quickbooks Training! Register with Quickbooks utilizing this link for a high discount rate off the routine cost!: Summary: Introduction: (0:00). What is Accounting?: (1:06). Why is Accounting Important?: (1:27). How does Accounting Work?: (2:40). QBO Membership Summary: (4:25). Chart of Accounts: (4:56). Link Your Checking Account: (7:58). Categorize Deals: (9:35). Fix up: (10:43). Run Reports: (13:09). Wrap-up: (14:46). If you are entirely lost on where to begin on handling the financial resources of your organization, START HERE! This video is everything about training company owner on the fundamentals of Quickbooks and accounting in their organization. See to find out more. Subscribe: Money vs Accrual Accounting video:. Please make sure to offer this video a like and register for our channel so you do not lose out on future videos! ///. Disclaimer: The info supplied in this video is for informative functions just and is not suggested to fill in expert legal, accounting, or monetary suggestions. If you have any legal concerns about this video or the topics gone over, or any other legal matter, you ought to speak with a lawyer or tax expert in your jurisdiction (i.e. where you live).

15 thoughts on “Find out the Fundamentals of Accounting [FREE QuickBooks Training]

  1. Hi! I’m a new business and need to do everything out of a binder. Is there a video for setting up a old school business budget?

  2. This was tremendously helpful and explained so well that I have overcome my fear of attempting Quickbooks! This young lady is a very impressive and effective teacher. Thank you Lyfe Accounting!!!

  3. This is an excellent introduction to bookkeeping and QuickBooks. She explains the concepts for anyone to understand. Great video!

  4. Thank you…Thank you…and THANK YOU!! This should’ve shown up at the top of my screen as I’d already clicked other videos that danced all around the topic I needed help with. This was straight to the point, full rundown step by step, and had clear explanations for each step. I will be checking out more of your videos. Great job!

  5. This is exactly what I need, thank you for all of the valuable information this channel provides for business owners!

  6. Cash business such as hair cuts and salon where there’s no receipts how do we put that information into the system?

  7. , thank you I save time and money . Keep up well explained exactly what missed for years.

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