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    1. This series is nearly 5 years old, my recordings have become much better since this course, I have come a long way! Thanks for watching.

  1. Hi this is 5 years old… is it still relevant in 2019 or are you planning on doing an updated version?

    1. Yes, still the same procedures and processes. There are more up-to-date videos on my website.

  2. I understand I’m excessively late to this video but I’m hoping for a response, the nominal codes are what I’m curious about.

    Does each nominal code have to be set to a use or are they all in a list of preset options that sage provide. Such as creating the list and you wanted the overhead costs would the nominal code be universal across everyone’s version of sage?

    1. The list is a preset, you can add or edit the account /nominal code you need

  3. I know accountants are known as being boring, you bring an new meaning to the word. Seriously, I thought I was listening to a funeral. Couldn’t get past the first two minutes.

    1. Can’t believe harmless accountants are getting beef on Youtube now. Is anyone safe?

  4. I did a xero course. Was excellent, easy to understand videos. I did a course on Alpha training for sage 50 and they didn’t explain that the coursework and backups of data can only be obtained, by paying again for the course with a different company for the paid version of sage 50. Without the data backup and course files, it’s impossible to follow the coursework. I feel I have had the wool pulled over my eyes. I complained to the company as I could have paid for the course including the sage software with a different company and completed the work in 3 weeks. Unfortunately now, I am 3 weeks through the course having paid for it and unable to load the coursework data into sage to follow the correct reports amounts, correct bank account data, sales order and purchase order data and customer and supplier data! I feel ripped off, and powerless to get the support needed to complete the course. They said they couldn’t do anything about it. It’s extremely frustrating!!!! Some people have no scruples to do the right thing by students!

  5. I am just about to start my sage consultancy career and i have no idea where to start from

    1. I believe you emailed me. I replied this morning. Thanks for the comment and for watching.

    1. I believe you can disable it in the options or settings menus. Thanks for watching.

  6. sorry are the codes of a standard used across many companies or is it different for every company

  7. Professional training can be quite bland, but this gentleman has such a pleasant voice, it made it much more enjoyable.

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